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Go out and explore marvelous nature.

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“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” — George Bernard Shaw

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This is mom posting: Pictures in from the trail this morning. I am so proud of these girls. And I think the Journal & Courier and Purdue University the Purdue Exponent should do an 11 year follow up on these girls’ hike. Walking to raise awareness about adoption and now training to hike the Sheltowee Trace trail to raise awareness about human trafficking. Wainwright Middle School - OFFICIAL PAGE you’ve got some pretty awesome students. #compass31 #purdueuniversityaviation #hikeforfreedom #thelittleabolitionists #endhumantrafficking #optoutside #hike #aviation #purdue

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“It’s a little like wrestling a gorilla. You don’t quit when you’re tired. You quit when the gorilla is tired.” - Fausto Coppo, cyclist. A throwback to when @davecorn went on a 1000-mile journey with his then-girlfriend-now-wife on a tandem bike. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Not everything is about the gear. What experiences or rides have you gone on today?

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AN ELEGANT FUSION OF STRENGTH AND BOLD PROPORTIONS Walked through night avenue and marvelous weekend night streets, breaking them in, smiling at the melody of new leather creaking in harmony Severity boots in black rough-out leather combined with pull-up black. A strong companion that makes you comfortable in style and comfort in mood #TXTURE #boots #shoes #bootmaker #shoemaker #leather

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Say hello to my little friend 🦈

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Hiked 5 miles and waited 10 mins in line for a random stranger to take our pic...worth it. Love adventuring with you, @wes_go_boom

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Nature is medicine. We hope you take some time this weekend to get outside and DISCONNECT. Get away from your screen, get out of your car and enjoy the intricate, beautiful world around you. We are all connected and we are all wonderful. . . . . . #thebalmofpescadero #natureismedicine #getoutside #optoutside #nature #soulfood #wonder #humility #mexico #pescadero #todossantos #baja #rachelcarson #disconnect #screenfreezone #beautyiseverywhere #gogreen

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Climbing until we reach the top 🏔 ✰ The a-frame used to be a scary thing for this guy. He would launch off the sides because he felt too much pressure to be “stopped” at the bottom. When I decided to switch to privates with a BETTER coach he overcame with no issues. When in dog sports we will push our dogs but that doesn’t mean we need to break them. They aren’t robots and if a training method isn’t working for them CHANGE IT. We are their biggest advocates and no ribbon or title is worth losing the trust and connection it takes to have dogs willing to leap over jumps, run through tunnels, slam down teeters and walk the dog walk. Be what your dog needs and they will be more than what you could’ve imagined you needed. 📸: Rick Fleming ✰ ✰ #dog #dogsofinstagram #bordercollie #bordercolliesofinstagram #adventure #family #sony #hikingdogsofinstagram #dogsthathike #adventurevisuals #weeklyfluff #neverstopexploring #dog_features #petsofinstagram #hikingwithdogs #thisweekoninstagram #optoutside #rei1440project #agility #herdingdog #trickdog #agilitydog #jumpers #cpeagility #standardrun #akcagility #akcagilitydog

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Winter maintenance of the gardens includes an annual burn of the grasses #wintergarden #chanticleergarden #winter #seasons #americasgardencapital #wander #wonder #optoutside #garden #gardening

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Maybe one day we can do this without the nervous face licks. . . Boy do I love central + eastern Oregon. Portland gets all the attention 🤮 so I sometimes forget how much I love this state.

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I could sit and watch stars like this all night, even if it is - 37 at the time.

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I learned a lot of lessons on my trip to Turkey. One that stood out to me the most was “don’t judge a book by its cover” or “misunderstanding” something or someone just because of the way it or they look. Take Pablo for instance. He was an enormous dog who was missing his ears. He look massive, fierce and viscous. At a glad he would strike fear into anyone that would see him... But he was actually the opposite. He was non-aggressive and simply wanted to show affection. He loved to be petted and would wait calmly and patiently for more... So Pablo ended up being one of many great highlights of this trip...... . . . #neverstopexploring #optoutside #peoplewhohike #865life #liveauthentic # #hikingculture #thegreatoutdoors #hikingadventures #wildernessculture #backpacking #trekking #hike #outdoors #getoutstayout #theoutbound #welivetoexplore #earthpix # #865life #travelstoke #discoverearth #livelife #stayandwonder #outdoorlife #mountainlife #dogs #teamzpacks #givegodtheglory #followerofChrist

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dogsledded to an ice cave — casually climbed down a ladder into a glacier 🤯 — incredibly cool. . . . . . photo 4 via @hellokoreaitaly & photo 5 via @allisonmariefleece

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“Let us hope that the Arch somehow survives-that it becomes, far in the future, a mysterious structure like the Great Pyramids or Stonehenge, that leads onlookers to wonder about the people who produced it and ask themselves what strange compulsions led to its creation.”⁠ ― Tracy Campbell⁠ . .⁠ . .⁠ Photo credit: @susansheppard ⁠ Use #nationalparkobsessed for a chance to be featured⁠

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What dreams are made of - Evann


Awesome ski weekend with this lady! Making it look easy! ❄️

Nov 2019

#TryHard and Breaking Beta on the classic Zen, V5, ft. Texas Slimestone 😏 #NoSend ° ° ° 📽: @b_wayne135 Figured I'd go right hand for this high crimp then deadpoint to the left pocket. 💀👉🏼 Next time, I'll try going left then out to the mean right sidepull. 😱 ° 3rd time going bouldering outdoors yesterday with the @BouldersnBrews crew with prime weather. 😍⛅ For most of us, it was our first time at Rogers aka Pocket City. Got the flash on Serpentine Traverse, V3 🐍⚡, and a pocketfull of V1's. Also, got my hands absolutely cut up by Jaws, V1 and was defeated by the #chossy topout on my flash attempt 🦈. Wicked line regardless. Such a banger day trip with the homies. 👊🏼 ° Also tried tunas plucked fresh off the wild nopales. Bitter, def out of season, and mad thorny. Would not recommend. 🌵😂 #BouldersnBadDecisions #BouldersnBrews #Bouldering #Climbing #Escalade #OptOutside


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Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it. . Climb with us. Follow us. Link in bio. @everestexperts . . 📷 @magda_lassota @pranav_bandbuche

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Pretty sure I saw a couple hobbits during this hike | #filmisalive

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live, experience 🌎 - do more. see more. simply live, look at what’s around you and find the experience within it. turn your lost travels into adventures and truly explore something new just by living your life how you already are ✨ . incredible shot this evening by one of our content creators @remcclaughry 🤘🏼 . nature backs - experience the moment

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Tucked away and tuckered out

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I’m just happy to be here!! #snowcanyon #imstg #cyclelove

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wishing my weekend would look like this 💙

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‘Winter Wander’ - Bavaria from Above. For the full series, check the link in bio. #Hellofrom #Bavaria #winter #adventure #outdoors

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Probably my favorite place on any planet

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My grandpa used to say “take care of your feet, they never take a day off.” I always took that to heart so what I wear on my feet is super important to me, especially when I’m off adventuring and walking for miles every day! On this past trip to the Southwest, I took my pair of @blundstoneusa boots with me and they were such a perfect adventure companion. I love how comfy they are, how good they look with every outfit and my feet definitely feel taken care of haha 🦶 #liveinmyblundstone *In partnership with @blundstoneusa