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Dec 2019

tanner i don’t even know where to start but here we go😂. the day i first met you you caught my eye like you where so cute but i never thought you would feel the same way about me cause i’m not a type of girl a guy like you would want if you know what i’m mean. but anyway i don’t see how someone can be so perfect like honestly how? your like the best person that’s in my life right now cause you make me laugh, smile, feel happy, and so much more. words can’t explain the love i have for you cause it’s just like to much. but December 8th 2018 last year was the day you first asked me out and we got together, and i’m still so thankful for that day but we stayed together for about 4 months then we broke up march 4th 2019 but i waited for you for 8 months or something and i didn’t have a serious relationship in those 8 months so i want to keep the same date we first got together. i know people don’t like us together and they say i needa break up with you cause you like other girls and your a hoe and stuff like that but they don’t understand that your the person i want in my life and they are honestly just mad that they can’t have you like i have you. It pisses me off when people say that type of stuff about you cause it makes me wanna freak out cause they don’t know you like i know you. your the type of guy that’ll always be there for me when i need it and your nice (sometimes😂 ) and your just so amazing but i just want you to ignore those stupid people who think they are better than you cause they aren’t. but anyway your just a amazing guy and i know you’ll be my first love and i just never wanna loose you. tanner i love you so much you don’t understand. but anyway happy 1 year i hope we can be together for a longer time than just one year but i love you🥺💍💛.

Nov 2019


Oct 2019

had the best day ever with y’all 💛